We are pleased to present our latest aircraft model, which is the first in the world to be piloted as a paraglider or hang glider. We named this machine “Multiglider 7”.
Another uniqueness of “Multiglider 7” is that it is a three-seat machine – pilot + two passengers.
It is powered by a Rotax 582 engine and equipped with a GRS parachute rescue system.

This trike is also suitable for flying during the winter months when it is cold. The cabin is closed by means of a completely transparent lantern. It also has windows through which you can adjust the flow of air entering the cabin.

Paratrike Multiplaner 7 is easy to control and stable both in the air and during take-off and landing.

The dashboard is equipped with all the instruments that the pilot needs – tachometer, engine temperature, fuel in the tank, moto clock, navigation system and radio station. The devices are conveniently located in front of the pilot and are easily accessible during flight and taxiing.

The two circuit breakers of the motor’s separate electrical circuits contribute to high security. Through them you can test the health of the engine before take-off.

The ballistic rescue system is mounted in a discreet compartment that opens automatically when the missile is activated. You can learn more about the reserve parachute in the Rescue parachute section.

Photos and videos from the creation and testing of Multiplaner 7 can be viewed in the Gallery section

For more videos, you can also visit our YouTube channel

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