Bumblebee 5

This is the second in the Bumblebee series of powered paragliders – paratrikes from DULV- certified aircraft manufacturer Extreme Universe Ltd.

This motorized paraglider is the successor to the previous, highly successful Bumblebee 4 model.

As with the previous model, this model uses four-wheeled chassis. This formula has proven to be extremely successful in the previous model. Thanks to its four wheels, this motorized paraglider is extremely stable during takeoff and landing. Its stability on the ground is proven when you have to take off or land in the presence of a crosswind.

And this model is equipped with a GRS 6 ballistic rescue system.

To create this paratrike we changed almost nothing from its predecessor. We also applied the working model in the development of the next paratrike in the series, namely Bumblebee 6