Paratrike Bumblebee 4

This is the first of the Bumblebee series of motorized paragliders – paratrikes from the DULV certified aircraft manufacturer Extreme Universe Ltd.

The chassis is fitted with 4 wheels for take-off and landing stability. The number of wheels and their characteristics make it possible to take off and land at higher speeds than the three-wheeled tread variants. Increased stability in crosswinds.

The tires are wider than standard tires, which provides even more stability when traveling on the ground and increases your choice of takeoff and landing places.

The brake system stops the rear two wheels simultaneously via disc brakes. The brake is applied with the left foot. Unlike other powered paragliders, with a front-mounted brake, you can safely apply all the braking force here without worrying about losing control when landing.

The pilot feels comfortable in his seat and has enough space to move around safely. Both the passenger and the pilot are protected, with the guard over the passenger’s head providing protection even in the event of a sideways rollover.

The seat belts of the two seats are from the leaders “Schroth” and provide safety and comfort. They can be easily adjusted even during flight. The rear seat is higher than the front seat, providing better visibility. For added convenience, the pilot’s seatback is adjustable from 75 to 90 degrees in angle to the seat.

The rescue system is the latest generation of Galaxy Sky. It has two arms to activate the rocket – taking out the container with the spare parachute. One is located lower left to the front seat and the other lower left to the rear. This allows easy access and activation from both locations. The system is protected by 3 safety pins against unwanted actuation that the pilot removes before flight.