Revision and repacking

The company Galaxy Holding s.r.o. notes all users of the system GRS to keep the time of revision at latest after 6 years.In case of any suspision that water leaked into the system send the system for revision right away.

Before sending the systém for revision,pay attention,please,to the Instructions for Transportation in the right column.

For countries outside the EU:

Include, please, to each system, sent for revision, a pro forma invoice, where the value of the systém does not exceed the amount of 50,- EU/USD per one unit. In case the aircraft is a private property (not own by a company)will do a written statement that the time of safe systém use expired and its value before revision is 50,-EUR/USD. Along with it state, please, the cost of shipping. It is because of Customs procedure and the company must pay a deposit from this amount. Without such invoice we cannot accept the system for revision and we will send it back at your expense.Thank you for undesrstanding.

Invoice sample (for countries outside the EU!)Proforma invoice

Send, please, this invoice, before shipping, to this address:

You must get updated advice from the factory before shipping.

Prolongation of this interval may result in higher cost of revision,because according to our experience from previous years, the parachute can be damaged by leaking of water into container causing damp and moulding.It can be caused by heavy rains, especially when the system Soft is not perfectly protected against weather elements by a cover. The cost of repair may be then higher than the price of revision in proper interval.

Further,to any system sent for revision later than 1 year will be automatically added extra charge of 10%, later than 2 years 20% for higher cost of repacking + additional repairs from standard revise.