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The company Galaxy GRS

is the first in history and the largest European manufacturer of parachute ballistic rescue systems. They are intended for ultralight, light sports aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles and experimental ones, with a speed of up to 400 km/h. Last year, the company expanded its program. Now he also holds several world patents for multicopters, drones, autogyros and helicopters weighing up to 750 kg. The company exports 90% of its production to all continents in various modifications and ways of use. Thanks to its long tradition of 40 years, since 1984, GRS systems have been continuously updated and improved.
The company develops parachutes not only for high speeds. During the long tests, it pays special attention to the quick opening at low speeds. This allows safe rescue from the lowest possible heights. According to world statistics, 80% of accidents occur at low altitudes and fall speeds.

Parachutes – this important attribute of rapid opening at low speeds ranks these systems among the most useful ballistic parachutes in the world. Parachutes of rows 3, 4 and 5 are equipped with a center line for quick opening and with a tip to reduce dynamic shock. Galaxy GRS has put a lot of effort and money into developing and testing their parachutes and their latest Tier 6 parachutes.

They are equipped, in addition to the slide for smooth opening, and rows of up-lifting flaps. They effectively reduce the dynamic shock when opening the parachute. At high speeds it is very important to reduce stall and together with this helps to reduce the impact of landing. Compared to the classic round parachute, the fall reduction with this new technology is up to 15%. With the large parachutes of 360 m2 area, for weights of 2000 kg, the difference in the fall is almost 1.0 m/s.

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