Paratrike warranty

Each one powered paraglider-paratrike made by “Extreme Univers” LTD have 1 year or 50 flight hours warranty. You can count on our quick response.
In order to maintain and use the warranty on your aircraft, you must comply with the following requirements:

Do not violate the instructions given to you in the operating instructions supplied with the PPG.
Follow the Maintenance Schedule (MA) specified by Extreme Universities Ltd.
Avoid aircraft control errors that would cause damage.
Warranty and damage resulting from improper storage of the PPG shall not be considered as warranty.
The warranty covers the engine, propeller, construction, chassis and all other elements of the PPG, without the wing – the paraglider.
We know the quality of our powered paragliders and we are confident that you will be satisfied with their strength and ease operation.
We also offer after-sales service, and this is guarantee for long and safe flights with your powered paraglider.