History of Extreme Universities Ltd.
In 2007, Ivan Bankov – our manager, designed and built the first, two-seater, Bulgarian powered paraglider-paratrike. This is also our first machine we called “Bumblebee II-2”.
Shortly after we started working on another project “Bumble Bee II-3”
Both models have undergone improvements over time to reach their present levels – high levels of security and efficiency.
The first single-seater “Bumble Bee II-4” was launched
The two-seater Bumble Bee II-5 differs only slightly from its predecessor, the Bumble Bee II-3.
Atanas Bankov – pilot and Ivan Bankov – designer participated in the creation of all models. Our mutual work has led to the creation of machines that are characterized by high efficiency, stability and safety at all stages of flight.
In 2017, we completed work on our latest Bumblebee II-6 aircraft. This machine combines the experience gained over the years and has excellent behavior both in the air and on take-off and landing. The paratrike has passed the tests by DULV – Germany and now has a type-series production certificate that guarantees world-class quality and helps pilots, who purchased machines from “Extreme Univers” Ltd., easily register them in many countries around the world: DULV-MUSTERZULASSUNG-BUMBLE-BEE-II-6