Paratrike Bumble Bee 6

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The unique design of this paratrike makes it very stable both in the air and on the ground.

The four wheels provide great stability even when taking off and landing in crosswinds.

The rear two wheels are equipped with disc brakes, which ensure quick stopping without changing the direction of movement.

This is not the case with front-wheel-only paratrikes.

Paratrike Bumble Bee 6 is powered by one of the most reliable engines in light aviation – the Rotax 582. The thrust it provides is more than sufficient for this type of aircraft. This leaves a reserve of power and allows you to fly at lower RPMs. This, in turn, extends the life of the engine and helps save fuel.

The propeller is carbon – three-bladed.

This paratrike is equipped with a rescue system of the latest generation. The reserve parachute can be activated from both the passenger and pilot seats. You can read more about the rescue system in the GRS section.

Paratrike Bumble Bee 6 is manufactured by “Extreme Universe” OOD and certified in Germany according to DULV. DULV

This is a type certificate that guarantees safety to anyone who buys this motorized paraglider. It also allows it to be seamlessly registered in most countries in the world. So he can get the appropriate national markings and the right to fly legally.