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The ultimate paramotor smoke system, designed from end to end for PPG applications.


Revised from end to end. We went back to the drawing board to create an even better system than before. It starts with an LED toggle switch indicating system status. Fluid injection can be delivered with an atomizing injector, our standard drillable injector. Internal electronics have been improved and are now conformal coated to protect from harsh environments. The internal PCB has been redesigned from the ground up. It is everything you need included in a single package. The ultimate paramotor smoke system, designed from end to end for PPG applications. It’s not an RC airplane pump or a window washer fluid pump. Our PPG smoke system is a ball bearing based, high flow rate, low energy consumption pump - specifically designed for paramotor smoke applications. Compatible with aircraft smoke oil or baby oil. Of the two injectors are included, an atomizing version and a standard injector drillable up to 1.58mm for a full 310ml flow rate from the PPG Smoke pump system. Lightweight, small form-factor and single piece pump design with a power switch and on/off smoke toggle. Lasts up to 4 hours on rechargeable AA batteries or 120 flights with 2 minute smoke runs. There are no LiPo batteries (fire hazard) or separate LiPo battery chargers required (extra cost). Installation and setup takes 15 minutes. Features 1000 ml fluid container 280-310 ml per minute flow rate Atomizing injection nozzle .08mm to 1.58mm adjustable flow rate injection nozzle 1.5 to 2.5 minutes of smoke per flight Conformal coated electronics LED toggle switch Silicon vented lid Velcro mount 4 hours or 120 flights of battery life 6v input Specifications Dry weight: 433g Wet weight: 1433g Dimensions: 25cm * 9cm * 9cm Includes Smoke Pump Smoke Fluid Mount Smoke Hardware Kit Required Rivnut gun 4 AA batteries 7mm drill bit 450° high temp. threadlock