Welcome to our Paragliding School! Congratulations on wanting to learn to fly.

With us, you will receive quality theoretical and flight training.

The course has a duration of 60 hours of theoretical training and 21 hours of flight training. 15 hours of these 21 are flights with an instructor and 6 are solo. These are the minimum hours for the training program. If necessary, they can be increased at the request of the student or at the discretion of the trainer.

The training takes place at an airfield approved for training by BGMAA.

The aircraft and equipment required for your training are of the highest quality. You can count on the equipment you will be training on 100%. This way you will focus solely on developing your skills and knowledge.

We will teach you to be safe for yourself and other airspace users.

After completing the course, there is a theoretical and practical exam in front of a flight examiner. Upon successful completion, you will receive a national personal pilot license (microlight) powered paraglider NPPL(M)PPG – national personal pilot license (microlight) powered paraglider. It is issued by CAA (General Directorate of Civil Aviation Administration) and gives you the right to legally fly in the airspace of the Republic of Bulgaria.

If you have your own aircraft, which is registered with DG GVA and has valid airworthiness, then you can be trained on it.

If you do not have a personal and registered aircraft, your training will take place on one of our certified motor paragliders.

You will gain a complete understanding of the training process at our paragliding school by learning about the Motorized Paraglider Class Pilot Training Program. It was developed by the Association of Ultralight Aviation in Bulgaria (ASAB) and is its intellectual property. To start a training course under this program you must first become a member of the association. You can do this by visiting www.bgmaa.org

A Medical Declaration completed by your GP is also required.

If you want to familiarize yourself with the basic rules for flights in the airspace of Bulgaria, you can do so by reading this useful Handbook.

Follow your dreams and learn to fly! We are expecting you!