Aerial photography removes many of the limits set before your imagination. From the air you can look at things from a completely different angle. By taking photos in this way, you can present a unique point of view to the people you want to share it with. Nowadays, more and more people – entrepreneurs, hoteliers, builders, farmers, advertising agencies, etc. they turn to us. They want us to provide them with the “point of view” to help win over their customers.

Aerial photography can be used to photograph construction sitesл For control or advertising purposes. Hotels , to show both the appearance of the hotel and its position in relation to surrounding objects. Aerial photography is also used to photograph cabins, cottages, plots, company buildings, etc.

Aerial photography of the objects gives a very clear idea of ​​the real view of the building. Also shows its location, position and in relation to other important objects such as water basins, hospitals, schools, establishments, etc.

Each object has sketches that provide detailed information. It is also possible to create a computer image, but you get the most realistic idea through a photo or video taken from the air.

Drones are increasingly being used for aerial photography purposes. But still the quality of footage captured by a drone cannot be compared to that taken by a professional cameraman and a professional video camera or camera. Also, remotely piloted aircraft are very restricted in airspace. In contrast, registered aircraft have much greater rights and opportunities.

Aerial photography is carried out by a team – pilot, cameraman and editor.

The conditions for the possibility and cost of a given task depend on many factors. To clarify the details, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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